Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Pet?

When you find a hedgehog in your garden, of course your kids will want to keep it as a pet.

I must admit, he is pretty cute.

But, thankfully (for his sake), he was released again to forage and burrow.


  1. The Wimbush kids found a hedgehog in my yard and took it home...then Mitch spent hours and hours pulling all the ticks off. Lots and lots of ticks. They were going to return it to my yard, but had grown too attached to it, so I think it's still living with them. You got lucky.

  2. haha Did I ever tell you I wanted one as a pet last year? My students found one at school and we kept it for a couple days in the classroom (thankfully no ticks!), but it started biting, so we thought it'd be better to start off with a baby. I figured hedgehogs were perfect for me - no dandruff or hair to be allergic to! But for some reason, one of my roommates just wasn't so excited about it...