Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Can I just say that I love living in a culture where manikins shaped like this are the norm, where hangers curve out to make wide hips, where curves are desired and appreciated?

Not sure I'd ever buy this hideous specimen, however.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Begging for Broccoli

A couple of weeks ago, I witnessed something amazing.

We were in a supermarket in Dar es Salaam stocking up on a few items that we can't get in Dodoma. As we strolled casually through the refrigerated section, my kids started jumping up and down and clapping their hands.

"Oh, Mom!! Please, can we get this? I miss this sooooo much. Please!!!!"

No. They weren't begging for a sweet treat like ice cream or flavored yogurt. They were begging for broccoli (of all things).

Broccoli is one of the items we can't purchase in Dodoma. (As a broccoli hater, you won't hear me complaining.) We can get lots of other fresh vegetables, though - tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, green beans, and lettuce (sometimes). But broccoli is (dare I say it) a treat.

Well, what kind of mother would say no to kids who are begging for a healthy, nutrient-packed vegetable? This mom didn't. We bought them a package and made their day.

Back home in Dodoma, we steamed up that begged-for broccoli and melted some cheese on top (the only way I can choke the stuff down).

They loved every bite.

Who knew a kid could miss a vegetable?