Monday, October 17, 2011

Making 'Cents' of American Money

Now that furlough is months away instead of years away, I decided it was probably time to start (re)introducing the kids to American money. Josiah and Anna are both beginning to figure out counting with Tanzanian shillings, but pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars are quite foreign to them.

So, after finding this great money game idea at No Time for Flashcards, we decided to set up our own dining room table shop during their recent school holidays.

First we picked out some plastic food and made our price list.

Then, we reviewed the different coins, and how much they were worth. This took a little practice, but they seemed to catch on fairly quickly, especially Josiah. However, he was baffled why the oh-so-small dime could be worth more than the clunky nickel. (I don't know, son. I don't know.)

Finally, it was time to shop.

They each took turns picking an item, and then finding the correct coins to pay their bill.

It was a wonderful way to fill up a morning and teach them something at the same time. Josiah thinks he's ready to pull out the paper money next time and give that a try.

We'll see.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Five Years of Anna

(So, technically, the girl has already been five for a whole month now, but this slacker mommy is just now getting around to blogging about it. Better late than never...right?)

She started off so small and tiny 5 years ago, with gorgeous eyes and thick, dark hair that everyone commented about.

The next year went by in a blink (if you don't count the middle of the night feedings and fussy afternoons...those went on FOREVER!). Before we knew it, we had a spunky, I'd-rather-be-running-than-walking, one year old in pigtails blowing out a candle on her first birthday cake.

By the time the next year rolled around, she had mastered exciting skills like talking and sleeping in a big-girl bed. She never met a stranger, and continued charming the world with her sweet grin.

Year three was all about new adventures for our confident, blue-eyed cutie. This year, Anna celebrated her birthday in Africa with a cake baked over charcoal at our Swahili language school. It's a good thing that cake is a cake is a cake to a 3 year old!

Last year, Anna turned four princess-style at our home in Dodoma. Ever the outgoing, friendly one, she enjoyed it surround by friends from all over the world. (One of the great blessings of missionary life!)

And that brings us up to five - five wonderful years with our precious Anna. She lights up our home with her joy and her passion. She's affectionate and sweet and knows her own mind. She loves running errands with Daddy, cuddling with Mommy and doing her best to convince her brother to play babies with her.

As my friend told me today, "You've got a lot to be proud of there in that back seat."

I'd have to agree. Yes, we are definitely proud. May God continue to give you many more incredible years, my darling daughter. We love you!