Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Water Problem

Last week (the day we had a group of ladies from the States arriving to visit us...of course), we noticed that the water pressure in our house was quite low. We also remembered that we hadn't heard our water pump run for several days either.

Our water pump brings water indoors from the town water supply or from our large underground tank when the water from town is off (which it was that day). So, we called the maintenance men from MAF and asked them to come take a look.

Unfortunately, this is what they found in our underground tank:
The roots from a tree on our compound had grown into the tank, clogging our pipes and causing our water pump to malfunction. Unfortunately, it was late in the day when the maintenance guys came to check out the problem, so there was nothing they could do until the next day.

We had hardly any water in our indoor tank at that point, which meant that we wouldn't be able to flush our toilets, have much water flowing from our sinks, and showers were definitely out of the question.

Thankfully, our visitors were very understanding of our water problem and got to experience the joys of flushing toilets with buckets of water collected from our neighbor's house. Oh, and the power was off when they arrived too. :)

I'm happy to report that the men did come back the next day to remove that huge pile of roots from the tank, and the water was flowing again by lunchtime the next day.