Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Break

Has it REALLY been over a month since I updated the blog? Wow!

I always have grand aspirations of blogging regularly, but for some reason those aspirations never seem come to fruition.

This time, I'm going to blame my lack of updating on the fact that my computer died a few weeks ago. (Thankfully, a kind soul agreed to hand-carry a new one on their recent trip to Tanzania, which is why I'm now able to bring you this blog post). I've also been keeping busy entertaining both kids while Josiah has been on a 2-week Easter break from school.

Here are a few highlights from the break:

A mini-safari to Ruaha National Park - We joined some friends on a day trip to the park (which some say is best game reserve in Tanzania) and were able to see lots of giraffes, elephants, zebras, impalas, and other animals. Unfortunately, the lions - everyone's top choice on their Animals I Want To See Today list - evaded us that day.

A lip injury - Josiah punctured his bottom lip with his teeth when he fell on our slippery concrete floor after a bath. Thankfully, we were able to use super glue to treat the injury. Getting stitches just wasn't an option for us here in Dodoma.

Many art projects created - It's a good thing spring break is over because our sticker, paint, and coloring book stash was disappearing rapidly.

Many books read
- We've read the books we brought with us from home over and over and OVER again, so when we inherited a new stack of American books from another expat's moving sale, my kids were in heaven. Mommy is a little hoarse.

Many hours logged outside on the swing, in the hammock, and in the dirt - I'm so grateful to live in the land of eternal summer.

School resumes tomorrow, and although it's been a fine two weeks, all of us are ready to return to a somewhat normal schedule.

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