Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Creatures Great and Small

You know you live in Africa when your son comes running inside first thing in the morning yelling, "Hey, Mom! I see monkeys!"

I must admit, when that happened yesterday, I almost didn't believe him. But when we went outside together, I quickly discovered that he, indeed, was telling the truth. On the rocks just feet (or meters...still haven't adjusted to the metric system) from our banda, three monkeys were jumping on the rocks and swinging in the trees. Of course, we ran for our camera.

See, I wasn't lying:Living here in Tanzania brings out the kid in me. I don't care who you are - as an American who grows up seeing all of your "wild" animals from behind the safety of zoo bars or Plexiglas, it's an amazing thing to see these creatures roaming in their natural habitat. Following is a sample of some of the animals and insects we have come across while living here.

Giraffes we saw while driving back to Iringa after our language school break:
ZebrasElephants under a tree (hard to capture without our telephoto lens):I love watching these lizards. Their colors are so striking. We have one that lives near our banda.A green mamba some of the guys discovered at the campsite (I kept my distance):A praying mantis Josiah found:
Siafu ants - amazing little creatures, but you need to stay out of their way.

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