Friday, July 17, 2009

How Much is 50 Pounds?

I haven't pondered the answer to this question much until this week. But now I have a pretty good answer for you: It's not much!

50 pounds, the weight limit for airline baggage, is easy to attain when you're trying to fit three years of stuff for a family of four (which includes two growing children) into full-sized footlockers and suitcases. It's unbelievably simple to reach your limit...and FAST!

Our biggest problem: We own heavy stuff and didn't even know it.

Here are some random heavy items in our suitcases:

1. Bottle of shampoo - 2 pounds
2. Children's curriculum books - 8 pounds
3. Batteries - 5 pounds
4. Pressure cooker - 10 pounds
5. Play Dough 4-pack - 1.5 pounds
6. Baby Boy (Anna's beloved life-sized doll...Thank you, Grandma) - 3 pounds
7. Paul's Greek and Hebrew Bible - 3 pounds
8. Children's gummy vitamins - 2 pounds
9. Chaco's sandals (I might just wear these on the plane to save the weight) - 3 pounds
10. D-size Maglight flashlight - 3 pounds

If you add up these 10 items, we're already nearing the 50-pound mark. And we haven't even started talking about clothes. (We sure have a lot of those!)

Suffice it to say, packing has been a process for us, but we're getting it all figured out. Hopefully, we'll get it all right here at my parent's house, so we won't have to be rearranging on the airport floor.

Ready or not, in 4 short days, we'll find out.

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  1. Wishing you all the best! I'm sure you are just ready to GET THERE! We'll be praying that all your travels go smoothly (tomorrow, right?) We miss you, & God bless!

    P.S. My family had to rearrange on the airport floor before - it's crazy - but I think all missionaries have to go thru it at least once! :)